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Turning a Property Investment into a Home

investment-propertA house and a home are two very different things. We could all agree on that. But how does one turn a property investment into a living space that we could all look forward to at the end of a busy day? Fret not. We’ve got tips to help you by.

  • Kick it up a notch with lighting. – More than do the obvious which is provide visibility, light can change up the feel and ambiance of any room. From cozy to productive to busy and even dramatic. Moreover, interior design has seen a complete 360 when it comes to design and innovation. Choose from industrial, modern, minimal, luxurious or DIY. You’ve got a lot of choices to play with.
  • Update the palette. – When you buy a property investment, it’s almost always in a neutral tone of boring and dull beige. At times, they come in white too but it’s not in the shade that makes the space pop with energy and potential. Add personality into your home by updating the walls with paint, stencils or wallpaper.
  • Create personal spaces. – We don’t just mean the bedroom. Put up areas that represent and are useful for the people who live in the house. For instance, create a reading nook with cushy pillows, a snug blanket and a comfy chair. Do you have kids? Dedicate a room or even a small area for them to play.
  • Take out those mementos. – A house is never really a home if you don’t personalize it. We all tend to accumulate things along the way. This could be books, photos, postcards, sketches, knickknacks or souvenirs from travels or memorable keepsakes.
  • Decorate with art. – You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive paintings or the like. Art comes in all forms and sizes from figurines to decorative clocks to pretty much anything that’s visually appealing. You can even splash some paint unto a cheap canvass, frame it and put it up your wall. Also, plants are art too so go ahead and add a splash of greenery inside and outside your home.
  • Keep things comfy. – Nothing screams home other than comfort. We all have varying preferences and definitions for it so this one really depends from one person to the other. But for good measure, invest in a few decorative pillows, pretty rugs, comfortable beds and sofas. Your property investment will instantly feel like home in an instant.